Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm in Miami Trick!

At the beginning of June we went on a girl's trip to Miami!  It was seriously SO FUN. We had just moved into our house, and it was just what I needed.  A long weekend of relaxing with my girls on the beach.  Can I go back?  We went for Rachel's birthday!  We had an addition to our girl's trip trio, Rachel brought her friend Rachel Martinez, and we had a lot of fun with her. 

Rach is a vacation planning pro, and booked us in a freaking sweet hotel.  'The Palms' was probably the nicest hotel I had ever stayed in, or pretty close to it.

More pics of our sweet hotel, leading to the beach area...
In love with our scenery!
The first day it was POURING rain when we landed, and we all wanted to cry.  But in Florida it will be pouring one min, and sunny the next.  We got some good lay out time in that day...

 Who needs sun to have fun?

This is what you call...serenity.
 Not a bad first day...
 I'm obsessed with these two!

Laying out with my girl, Chelse.  I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since we've seen each other.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long!
Who said God never gave me sisters?
Having lunch brought to you on the beach by a cabana boy...not a bad life.

Love me some Rachels!

Love them!

I love my friends!

My friends are cuter than yours!
Possibly my favorite picture of the trip!
Love them!
I pretty much felt like a giant in this pic.
I <3 you Rachel.
I seriously have no idea what's going on in this one...
Haha, no words...
We're special...

Our professional photographer Choltzie!
Can you tell Rach likes to photobomb?
Going out for some din din.  We clean up nicely!
Chelse and Rachel.  Look at those hot pink lips on Choltzie!
The hot Bday girl!
Don't judge me for asking the waiter to take our picture.
Rach wanted to go dancing, so here we are in the club!  It had been a long time since I had been dancing with these girls, but we still can put it down!

Our hot after pic, we were working up a sweat!
The next day we drove out to Key Largo.
Multiple things are going on here...Chelse is grabbing my butt, Rach is photobombing, and I am trying to smile.  Nice combo.
Rachel and I both have black and white polka dot bikinis!
...and we didn't even plan it, no way! Haha...
AND! I matched my cell phone cover too!  Can you tell I like black and white polka dots?
Rae's parking, don't mess.
On our journey to find some paddle boarding...
We found some!  None of us had ever been paddle boarding we all were newbies.

It took a little while to get ourselves situated...
Yeah!  We're not falling off!

We all love DQ, and Taco Bell...
Nothing like a midnight swim with the girls...

Some of the pretty hotel scenery.
I could have stayed in there for hours!
LOVE these girls.
 Late night gossip...
Out to breakfast on Rae's BDAY!!!!
The birthday hottie herself!  Why oh why do I never remember to put my sunglasses down?  Ridiculous.
 Love me some Dwyane Wade.
 Of course we had to hit up the Miami DASH store.  Sadly, no Kardashians spotted...haha.
I may or may not have asked a drugged out bum to take this picture for us.  I was mostly worried about him running off with my camera, but Rachel was mostly worried about getting spit on again.  Rachel may never forgive me for that one.  Luckily, no saliva was strewn.
Getting in some last minute rays before having to go back to reality.

Virgin strawberry daiquiris on the beach?  Yes, please!  Oh Rach, you and your photobombing!!!
Saying goodbye.  The worst part of saying good-bye to these girls is we never know when we're going to see each other again.  I may or may not have cried a little bit...

 I seriously had the best time ever.  I can't wait until our next girl's trip.  I love you girls so much!  Thanks for being born Rachel, and letting us celebrate with you!  Thank yougirls for an amazing weekend!  Xoxo.