Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sarah's "Ready to Pop" baby shower!

Back in March I threw a "Ready to Pop" baby shower for my bestie, Sarah!  I was actually genuinely concerned she was going to "pop", because two weeks before the shower she went to her doctor, and was already dialated to 4mm!  I gave her very specific instructions that she was not allowed to have that baby until after the shower, because clearly all of the decorations say, "Sarah is READY to pop".  Ha ha!  Luckily,she and Emily obliged.  

I seriously had SO much help. I literally could not have done it without my amazing helpers.  This was definitely one of the most detailed showers I've ever thrown, and it would have been impossible without them.  Thank you Megan, Heather, Tori, Nikki, Holly, and Sarah's Mom Midge! It just goes to show you how many people love Sarah, because all of these sweet girls offered to help.  I didn't have to ask a single one of them!  Sarah, you are so loved.

The beautiful food table! 
 I loved how everything turned out, absolutely adorable.

 Decorations galore...

Our festive pink soda-"pop"!

Don't forget your utensils and napkins wrapped with care...

Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes.  Don't let these cute cupcake holders fool you, they're trickier to wrap than you might think!  

 For those who didn't want "pop" we had bottled water.  
I love all the little phrases on all the individual bottles.

The diaper cake in all it's glory!  This beast is my best diaper cake yet.  It's a little bigger than the ones I've previously made, so that made it interesting.  I can't take all the credit though, it's really a two person job.  Sean has mastered tightly rolling diapers, and well as being a good rubber-band master.  Thanks Sean!

 Sarah is a pretty healthy eater, so I GUESS it was appropriate to have some things that she likes too. :)  Apples, strawberries, and grapes wouldn't be complete without Holly's famous fruit dip.  I think I ate the leftover dip for the next week, so yummy!

Pink and grey cake pops, complete with our decorative flags. Megan did a great job making theses, apparently they're harder than they look.  They tasted delicious though, well done Megan! These were my absolute favorite of all the party favors!  These (may I add self assembled) adorable POP-corn boxes were just the cutest things ever.  I don't know if you could see in the other pictures, but there were 3 huge class jars full of this delicious and aesthetic POPcorn.  Tori even made some pink POPcorn, she completely outdid herself.  Sooooooo cute!

Since the shower was around lunch time, we had some chicken salad sandwiches.  I used a delicious recipe that Aimee gave me.  I wasn't sure if I did her creation justice, but everyone commented on how delicious they were.  Apparently I faked it just enough to fool everyone. :)

Another food of choice for Sarah, veggies.  I don't know how she eats so healthy all the time, but I wish I loved healthy food as much as she does!

Pink everywhere! :)

 We had these hand-made decorative fans all throughout the house.  We did all different shades of pink and grey on all the various fans.  I loved the way they turned out.

 The more banners, the better!

Some of the guests are starting to arrive!

Sarah's shower!

We played baby jeopardy, and it was a hit!  We had team "Cora" and team "Emily". These were the two main girls' names that Sarah had narrowed it down to.  I can't even remember but I think team Cora won!  But, clearly it didn't matter, because she named that sweet girl Emily! I'm glad the baby shower game didn't sway her decision making process.  :)

Heather had a great idea to do an ice cream parlour at the shower.  I completely handed over the reigns with that one!  Clearly, she did a spectacular job!  

Absolutely delicious!

 Look at all the yummy toppings we had!


Party favors, thank you for coming!

In accordance with the theme, we did "pop"-corn.  In all different varieties, of course.  Tori outdid herself, and made all these different types of popcorn from scratch.  I would have been thrilled even just her buying them for the party, but the domestic goddess in her took reigned supreme! :)

More of the guests fraternizing!

It's present time!!!

Even Sarah is excited!  Look at all that sweet pink!  Love this picture.

Let the fun begin!

Don't mind me...I'm just organizing all the gifts, and writing down who they're from.  Unfortunately, I'm in some of the pictures of her opening all her beautiful gifts. Sorry!

It's honestly not even fair.  I'm sorry, boys' stuff is super cute, but girls' little baby outfits are just the most adorable things ever.  All the pink, ruffles, accessories...I was dying of cuteness overload.  Everything was absolutely adorable.  Poor boys, they don't even stand a chance.

Look at how cute she is!  Sarah was absolutely glowing.

Sarah got some amazing quilts.  I am always so impressed with some of the amazing seamstress skills that women possess.  I'm totally jealous!

Oh my gosh, seriously?  Sarah, you look beautiful! 


Group picture!  Of course, we missed a few people that had to leave early, but we got a good amount of the bunch here.  We had about 25 guest that attended, which was perfect.  I'm not sure my house could have held anymore.  It's not her fault she's so popular.

Nikki, the amazing photographer of the bunch, took most of these pictures (aka..the good ones).  Finally, she got to be in one!  Of course, with precious Layla too!

Sarah's sister-in-law Natalie came with two of her girls.

 Wendy, one of Gerret and Sarah's closest friends came too!

 If I could adopt this sweet woman, I would.  Heidi is the most amazing person you will ever meet.  We both served on the activities committee for relief society with her.  The amount of service and work Heidi gives is insurmountable.  She is truly a person to aspire to.

 My favorite neighbor Lori! Look at how these pretty Mamas match!  They couldn't have done a better job if they had planned it!

 Our friend Heather, aka creator of the ice cream parlor goodness!
 Kenda, Sarah's visiting teachee came with her daughter.  Our ward was well represented that day!

 One of our party favs, April!  I'm so sad she's not in our ward anymore.  Stupid ward splits...

 Megan was a HUGE help to me.  She came over multiple times to help me prepare all the beautifully put together decorations, stayed late the night before, and came early the day of the shower.  Seriously, amazing.

 LOVE these girls to pieces.  Thanks for being such good friends to Sarah...and, to me!

 Sarah's Mom and sister!  They were a huge help from getting cupcakes to hunting down a specific pink pop I needed just for our guest of honor!  You guys are the best.

 Love it.

 The pretty jars with popcorn are a little more visible in this picture. I wish I had gotten a close up of the cute little candies we wrapped with "ready to pop" plastered all over them.  They're in the cylindrical jar behind the popcorn boxes to the left of the sandwiches.

 Connor and Gerret came over after the guests had left to help us clean up...and eat up! :)

 I'm in love with these little party favors!

Boom baby!  Shower success, everything looked amazing! 

Sarah, I'm so lucky to have you in my life.  I thank my lucky stars that Sean and Gerret (and their bromance) brought you into my life.  I don't know what I would do without you.  I'm so happy your loved ones and I were able to shower you and precious Emily Elizabeth.  We love you both so much! Congrats girl, xoxo.