Friday, November 28, 2014

Becky turns 28!

Back in April, we celebrated my 28th birthday.  Sean is getting pretty good at this whole birthday surprise thing.  My birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year.  I think that's why Easter was always my favorite holiday growing up.  It's fun to share my birthday with such a special holiday.  It turned out to be an amazing day, it was so nice to sleep in and actually relax and not have to go to work!  

Sean told me he had a bunch of surprises lined up for me (I love surprises). For the first surprise he told me to wear comfy clothes...that's all he would tell me.  We ended up both getting massages, I LOVE massages.  Then we came back home, and all Sean would tell me is that I needed to get dressed up.

 He took me to Maggiano's, carb loading at it's finest!  We had a great dinner together, and of course everything was delicious.  

Sean's last surprise was he took me to a musical in downtown Dallas.  I love musicals, operas, ballets, I love them all.  Sean picked Evita, which I have always heard good things about.  I loved every minute of it.

 Not only was this a great gift for me, it was also a big sacrifice for Sean.  He is not a huge fan of musicals, so it was a really big gift. 
 Love this boy.

 And the gifts kept coming.  I got these sweet pictures and letters from my adorable nieces and nephews.  I love being an Auntie!  Thanks for sending the sweet notes guys. 

 To finish off the birthday celebrations, my besties all came together and took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant.  I seriously have the best friends, and they're pretty hot too.  :)  

 Now that's a pazookie!  We couldn't decide on what flavor we should get, so we got a little of each.  Who needs cake when you can have pazookie?!

Totally feeling the love.  All of the cards, presents, calls, and texts totally made my day.  Every year gets a little better with age.  This whole getting older thing is pretty sweet.  Thanks to Sean, and all my friends and family for making me feel so special on my birthday. Love you all! Xoxo.

Friday, November 21, 2014

6th anniversary skydive!

For our SIXTH wedding anniversary, Sean and I decided to go skydiving!  Sean has been wanting to go forever, and we both thought it would be a fun thing to do for our anniversary.  Because nothing says I love you, like let's jump out of a plane and cheat death together.  Right?

Sean and I each got our own videos and pictures taken.  What's the point of doing it unless it's documented?  And of course need some to make fun of afterwards!  I didn't realize they had to have a separate skydiver just to record you, which obviously makes sense now...Honestly, at this point...what's another $100 for pictures and a video?  You only have one 6th anniversary...hopefully.

I was feeling pretty good at this point, I was just really excited and anxious to jump!

It wasn't until this point, flying up to 13,500 feet, that I started to feel a little nervous.  I quickly realized there wasn't any backing down at this point, and whether I wanted to or not, I was jumping out of an airplane.  Who thought this was a good idea?

I'm glad we got the video and the picture package (I highly recommend it if you're on the fence), because honestly I don't even remember this moment.  All morning we were in class being instructed on how to jump out of the plane.  We practiced the moves a million times, and they drilled into our head that this was one of the most important parts of the jump.  But, when we got to the edge about to jump out, I completely froze and acted like I had never been told what to do.  Apparently I crack under pressure. Luckily, I was jumping tandem and my instructor basically forced my body in the correct position.  Rookie, jeez.

It was a perfect day outside, high 70's, but all I remember thinking at this moment was...IT'S FREEZING!!!

For me, this was the funnest part of the jump, the 60 second free-fall.  
It was awesome.

Check out that view, hey Dallas!  

At this point the photographer was trying to get me to do all these poses and things with my hands.  Clearly, I was a little confused...
I think I was "swimming" at this point...


Boom goes the dynamite.  As soon as my instructor pulled the cord, my legs flew in the air, the chute deployed, and we started our descent to the ground.  Crazy!

 Here I come!

 If you look close, you can see Sean landing in the background...

 I think my very words at this time were, "Thanks for not letting me die."
Or something along those lines...

Hallelujah!  I'm alive!
Here's my skydiving video you can watch!

Sean's turn!!!  I like this picture, it's an awesome shot of him right as he's jumping out of the plane.

Boom baby!

What up superman?

This is a cool shot, the photographer is directly above Sean.  This is what our view looked like as we were going down.

I love this picture.  Look how happy this boy is!  Like a little kid in a candy shop, love this grown up kid of mine.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, it's more obvious in the video but Sean cheeks are flapping like no one's business.  This was one of my biggest fears of being recorded while jumping (I know, I'm a stupid girl).  I had seen so many pictures and videos of people's cheeks flapping in the wind.  I had gained quite of bit of weight, so I was even a little more self conscious than I normally was.  Luckily, it wasn't me who had the cheek was Sean.  Who would have thought?  The thinner of the two of us, and he got caught with the flapping cheeks?  Luckily, he's a boy and doesn't care, and still mocks me for even worrying about it.  Haha, I'm a freak...I know.

It's more obvious in the video, but Sean is signaling his instructor to spin him around.  We both told our instructors we wanted to have all the crazy, fun stuff.  We wanted the flips, the turns, the barrel rolls, everything.  If we were going to this we wanted to go all out.  They definitely didn't disappoint!

Waving goodbye...

Sean may have shouted out some choice words at this point, luckily you can't really hear anything during the free fall of the video.  

There he goes! This point felt a lot like para-sailing.  Once you're up in the air and the chute has been deployed, it's actually very peaceful.  Everything is very calm and quiet, and it's surprisingly relaxing.

Coming in for the landing!

Perfect landing, he landed right on his bum.  Apparently, when people do get hurt, it's usually on the landing.  We were instructed to basically pull your legs up as high and close to the body as possible.  That way the professional could do his thing.  It's when people try and stand up, the instructor trips over them, and then legs snap...yikes.  Both of us had champion landings...luckily.

Oh, the awkward boy hugs...

Hey, we made it!  We're both still alive!
Sean's skydiving video!

I'm so glad we decided to go skydiving for our anniversary.  We had a blast!  I would definitely recommend it. Sean said he would love to make a hobby out of it, but I kind of feel like it's a 'bucket list check' item for me.  The skydiving crowd was pretty comical, it was mostly older people!  I was completely shocked.  There was a few "snowboarder" type younger people, but most of the "regulars" were probably 60+ years old.  Looks like there's even more to look forward to with age.

 Happy 6th anniversary to my forever boyfriend, love you more and more the longer we're married.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sarah comes to visit!

Back in March, Sean's little sister Sarah came out to Texas to visit us.  Sean's family doesn't come to visit very often, so when they do it's a special treat.  Sean has always had a special place in his heart for his kid sister Sarah.  I remember meeting Sarah when she was thirteen (crazy!), and she seemed like such a little kid at the time.  It's been wonderful to watch her grow into the beautiful young woman she is today.  Shortly after her visit to Texas, she left on a mission to serve the Lord in the West Virginia, Charleston mission.  And she has been rocking it out there ever since!  We miss you Sarah!

 The weekend before, I threw a baby shower for my bff Sarah Sean thought he was so witty and put this over our guest shower for his sister Sarah.  Hilarious.

 Another funny thing that had to be documented...while we were cleaning and getting Sarah's bathroom ready for her I noticed Sean did this...haha.  I don't ever think I've ever seen Sean do this for any guest we've had.  Sarah, you should feel special.  

The first day Sarah was here we took her to get some yummy Texas barbecue, and then we went to an indoor go-cart racing venue.  Sean and I had been wanting to go for a long time, and Sarah's visit seemed like the perfect excuse!  I was surprised at how much fun I had, I liked it a lot, and I would totally go back. :)

 We could be sisters...right?

So hot...


One of the reasons Sarah chose to come to Texas specifically this weekend was because, the NCAA March Madness championships were being held in Dallas at the Cowboys Stadium.  Sarah loves college basketball, and of course so does Sean.  It's like they're related or something...

Of course the tickets are very expensive, and Sarah is a poor college student, and while we like to splurge for fun, we have our limits.  With that being said, we decided to watch the semi-finals at home and buy tickets to the finals the next day.  Apparently the basketball gods were looking down at Sarah and Sean that day.  Minutes before the first game of the semi-finals begun, Sean got a call from a friend asking if he would like to take his tickets to the game for FREE!  I love free stuff.  He had 4 free tickets, and if we wanted them, they were ours.  Of course we said YES!  As we were leaving, I mentioned to Sean that it would be a shame to let the 4th free ticket go to waste, so as we were on the way to his house, Sean called his friend Sterling (another basketball fanatic) and said if he could be ready in 30 seconds, the 4th free ticket was his.

 I think Sean and Sterling were so excited they weren't really sure what to do with their hands...

 Yayyyyyy! We made it!

 Boom baby!

 The Final Four!

 Sterling really is happy I promise...

 Sean and Sterling

 Upper deck, represent.

 Sean and Sarah were trying to get a good look at Charles Barkley at the ESPN center.

There's Chuck!!!

 The next morning we woke up and had an amazing breakfast.  Sean made some amazing french toast, and I made some delicious monkey bread (Telisha's amazing recipe of course).

For the championship game, Sean and Sarah came and picked me up from work (that's why I look homeless in all the pictures).  We bought a little bit better seats, still for an absurd  amount of money, but it's for the memories...right?!

 I have no allegiance to Kentucky or Connecticut, but for some reason I was cheering for Kentucky...I'm still not really sure why.  

Since the game was months ago...we all know how that ended.  UCONN wins!!!

Our first time watching a Final Four tournament, and it was a blast!

We're so grateful that we got to see Sarah before she left on her mission.  We are so excited to see what the future has in store for this special girl.  She's going to make a great missionary, we're so excited for her.  We had a blast with Sarah and weekend long, and we can't wait to see her when she gets back from West Virginia.  Thanks for coming to visit us Sarah, we love you!!!