Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last month I took my first official vacation at work and we went on our second cruise, this time to the Bahamas!  It was amazing!  I'm convinced that going on a cruise is the best way to vacation.  It's the most relaxing thing you'll ever do.  I'm pretty sure we each gained about ten pounds though, the food is absolutely amazing.  The cruise left out of Miami, so since we fly stand-by we flew in a couple days early just to be safe.  Miami was a lot of fun too...people don't wear a lot of swim suits on the beach though...we saw a little bit more skin than we would have liked, but we still had a really great time.  The cruise went to Key West first, then Nassau, and then to Coco Cay which is actually an island owned by Royal Caribbean.  We had a lot of fun and there are a lot of pictures, I'm sorry!

South Beach in Miami

Laying out in Miami

Sean wanted me to document the home of the 'Eastern Conference Champs', the American Airlines Center where Lebron and Dwayne Wade play for the Miami Heat.
a little more South Beach

Our hotel downtown Miami

First day on the cruise
Laying out by the pool on the ship

Our first night at dinner
Key West, Florida
The water wasn't quite as pretty here as it was in the Bahamas
Haha, I'm not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the guy standing up was wearing a g-string strutting around the beach at Key West.  Haha, disgusting..but somehow mildly entertaining.
My favorite thing to do!   Any yes, the lady to the left of us has no top on...
Sailing away from the Florida Keys
Formal night!
Looking good!  Sean is still furious that I made him "match" is hard sometimes
at the dinner table
I will never get sick of all the little animals the housekeepers make out of towels!
We won 'Couples Trivia' the night before and one of our prizes was we got to take a tour of the bridge.  It was pretty neat.

Beautiful Nassau, Bahamas
  This was the path to beach...amazing!
So pretty!
The beaches were beautiful, we had never seen water like looks like a postcard!
While we were in Nassau we went snorkeling.  It took up the entire day because the boat broke down, and many other fiascoes, but it was still pretty cool.

Our underwater camera wasn't the best of quality, but this is me :)
Sean touching the reef. 
 haha..this one looks a little weird
Some fishies!
Me again..I think I was trying to wave to Sean..not really sure why!
That night we took a taxi over to Atlantis, that place is amazing!  We have to vacation there someday.  The next few pics are from their aquarium, yes..they have their own aquarium. words..

On the ferry ride over to Cococay
While we were in Cococay we went parasailing.  It was the first time for both of us, it was a lot of fun!  We were surprised at how smooth it was once you got up.
So fun!
We took our underwater camera up in the air with us.  I think this is a good one of Sean!

The water looked so sweet from up in the air. 
Back on the boat
Later that day Sean enrolled in a 'free throw tournament'  
The "fierce" competition
He ended up with two gold medals..haha..and he was VERY proud :)
This is the way life should be spent

Later that day we went jet skiing, it was definitely my favorite excursion.

We stopped in a star fish cove, there were live starfish everywhere!  I really wanted to take this one with us, but it was too big and wouldn't fit in our jet ski!

This was before Sean knocked me off the jet ski, notice how I'm still smiling... 
We had a blast! 
Our last night before dinner..about to stuff our faces for the last time.