Friday, July 22, 2011

A family 4th of July

 In the past six weeks we have been out of town for the last four weeks.  We need a vacation from our vacations!  This last trip to Ohio to see Sean's brother Nate, his sister-in-law Telisha, and their three ADORABLE children was possibly the sweetest.  It's hard being away from family, but it makes it even better when we do get to see them.  We miss them so much.
Sean has been obsessed with golfing lately.  And now he's sucking in his big brother...sorry Telisha.  They went golfing I think everyday we were there except Sunday.  And Sean probably would have gone Sunday if he could have talked Nate into it, haha. 
Sidney and Owen (who is obviously Batman).
We brought the kiddos some presents.  They were just a LITTLE excited about opening them.  Hey, what are Uncles and Aunts for?  :)
On the way to go see fireworks!!
Tanner opening his presents.  He is talking now, and it is SO freaking cute.  
Sidney sporting her new little mermaid shades and princess jewelery.
My amazing sister-in-law Telisha.  I don't know how she does it all, but she always makes it look so easy!
Tanner eating donuts, haha!
...and they were delicious, obviously.  :)
The kids with all their new loot, waiting for some sweet fireworks!!!
 The kids throwing rocks with the "adults".
Owen, my fav.
Playing 'Pretty Princess' with Sid.
Sean wasn't too happy about playing.  :)
...and neither was Sidney once Sean beat her.  
That's better, Sid sporting all her bling!
On Saturday it rained, so T and I took the kiddos to the movies.  Where were Sean and Nate?  Golfing...again.
 After the movie, we took the kids to a pet store where they got to play with all the different animals.  Telisha tried to warn me, but this huge turtle came up right behind and scared the crap out me.  Ha ha!  The pet store just lets it walk around with a balloon taped to it's shell. 

Owen and me with the kitty.
She's such a ham, I love it.
Off to church on Sunday!
We gave the kids some CTR rings, and all of us placed bets how long it would take them to lose the rings.  Owen surprisingly lasted longer than we thought!
Can she get any cuter?
I <3 Owen.
We love being Uncle Sean and Aunt Becky!
It's funny because Sean, Nate, T, and I were all talking about how people tell each of us  how we look like our spouse.  I was telling Nate and T that I've always thought they looked alike, but I haven't ever really seen it with Sean and me.  Then I looked at this picture, weird...we totally do!  Sean and I look like we could be siblings, and I think Nate and T do too!  Ha ha, how funny.

It was so good to be with Nate, T, and the kids.  We miss you guys so much!  Thanks for letting us come and see you.  As always, we had so much fun.  This was one of my favorite 4th of July weekends.  Until December... :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to our stomping grounds

Our third wedding trip of the summer was for one of our favorite cousins, Mark.  We went out to Utah for Mark and Jenna's wedding.  Mark is one of the Packard boys that Sean grew up with.  Sean is closer to a lot of his cousins because he literally lived next door to them.  Who needs friends when you have TONS of cousins your age?  Not Packards.  :)  I got close to Mark when he so generously  let Sean live with him when we engaged (aka-had NO money).  And everyone knows when you're engaged you spend every second with your fiance, thus spending every second with Mark.

We left Utah over two years ago when I graduated and haven't been back since.  That means we haven't seen most of our family since then.  Let's be honest...we have to go visit one comes to visit us.  Anyways--Utah is where we started dating, got married, and lived for our first year of marriage.  It was kind of weird to be back there, back to BYU, and to visit our old stomping grounds.  We drove past our little ghetto first apartment, make out spots on campus, and places of our first dates.  It's seems like it hasn't changed at all.  I basically lost count of the people/family that asked us when we are going to have kids, or why we don't have them yet.  I guess it's not really the place that hasn't changed, it's the people too.

 I really liked going to school in Utah, but I would never want to live there permanently.  There are a lot of conveniences though...being LDS and all.  I loved going to an LDS school.  When I was in high school the only other mormons were my brothers, and most of them weren't helping make my 'life' any easier.  It was really hard to not drink/smoke/be chaste...because no one else was.  I always felt like I didn't fit in, and that high school really shouldn't have to be that hard.  When I went to BYU it was refreshing, because I didn't have to worry about that kind of stuff anymore.  I could just have fun, and sure if I wanted to make bad choices they were still available...but for once, they were the odd ones out, and I loved that.  So that being said, I have a lot of great memories from Utah.  But I definitely feel like it was a different stage of life, and that I've moved on from it all.

Another great perk of Utah is all the family we have there, and it really was great to see them all.  That's one of the reasons we decided to get married in Utah, we have SO MUCH family there...on both sides.  And it just made more sense to have more of our loved ones there on our special day.  This trip we just saw Sean's side of the family, and it was so wonderful to see them!

We've missed Mark and the cousins a lot, it's hard being away from most of our family.  Mark is such a great guy and we're so glad he's found someone that's as amazing as he is.  We are so glad we were able to make it out for Mark's special day, he means a lot to both of us.

Sean and Mark...lookin' good.
Mark and his beautiful bride Jenna (and Grandma in the background!)  I'm so didn't even occur to me to take pictures during the ceremony .  I only thought about it until after they kissed!  Ahhhh!
 The cute venue they were married at!  It was such a beautiful day!
 Packards running around... :)
We basically felt like we were VIP.  Out of all the Packard cousins we were one of two that were invited.  Mark <3s us.
Slipping in some family time!  Sean's Mom and Adam came up from California since we were so close (and for the wedding), which was so nice of them.  Sean LOVES his Mom and Adam, I know he misses them a lot.
One of two of our adorable nieces.  I couldn't believe how big Addie was, she was only 6 months old the last time we saw her!
 Watching YouTube videos...
Me and my sister-in-law Hailey.  It was so good to see her and spend some time with her!
 Adam arm wrestling his big brother.
Some of Sean's immediate family...missing a few people.
Sean gets mad when we match, but somehow it's adorable when he matches his kid brother.  Yes, it absolutely it.  :)
The newlyweds dancing their first dance together.
Cutting the cake!  P.s. Sean's amazing cousin Debbie made this.  Seriously, how are people so talented?
 So cute.
Sean's Grandma and Grandpa Packard 
(Grandpa fell down the day before-that's what the gash on his forehead is from).  :(
Cousin love.
When I was taking this picture someone commented, "Look-it's the former hell raisers of Oak Avenue."  I thought that was an appropriate caption.
I totally missed it, but someone was kissing someone-I always miss the good stuff!
Jared and Matt's beautiful wives, Erin and Annie.  When I met them I totally thought THEY were the sisters!  It was so good to see them.
While we were there Sean's Moms side of the family had a get together too.  The famous Webb sisters family dinners, delicious as always.
 Addie loved playing with their dog, seriously so cute.
Sean's Nana, love her.
Congrats Mark and Jenna.  We're so glad we were able to be there for your special day!