Sunday, September 20, 2009

Texas bound...

So, Idaho didn't really pan out as we thought it would. I knew I never liked Rexburg.. :) About a month ago I got laid off from my first dental hygienist position, which I only held for two months. And as I refused to listen to the advice of past Idahoans, it really is impossible to get a job in southeast Idaho, even with a degree. So, Sean will finish up the fall semester at BYU-Idaho, then transfer to the University of North Texas for the winter semester. We have a lot of friends in the Dallas Texas area, and Sean was considering UNT for grad school anyways. In the mean time I'll be in Texas trying to find a job! Wish us luck!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


After a long two years at Dental Hygiene school it's finally over! My mom, dad, and grandma flew out from Chicago...and Sean managed to be there too. It was a long ceremony, but the best is definitely yet to come. After passing all of my boards, I've applied for my license, and gotten my first job as a Dental Hygienist! It's only part time, so I'll have to find another office to work at..but we're both very excited. It's a brand new office in Shelley Idaho, and the doctor and staff seem really great. We'll be here in Rexburg for the next year or so while Sean finishes his undergraduate at BYU-Idaho.