Monday, December 30, 2013

Fall 2013

This fall came and went too quickly.  We both stayed busy with work, and in August Sean started his MBA program.  We actually ended up cancelling our cable, since neither of us were usually home more than an hour a night.  Even though I wish we saw each other a little more, I know this busy schedule of ours isn't forever, and that it will all be worth it in the end.  Right? :)

 One of the fun things we did with our good friends Lindsay and Evan, was go to October-fest.  It was in downtown McKinney in the square, and it was a lot of fun.  We got some good home-style food, and walked around at all the different shops and booths.
 October-fest 2013

 Sean got chicken and waffles, he was a little excited about it...needless to say.

Fried pickles, one of our favorites!

We stopped at this cute little "Texas store" and got some goodies and some cute Texas license plates for our sweet niece and nephew's bikes.

 Later in October, we drove out to East Texas to see one of Sean's best friends, Kelly.  Kelly coaches football for a small school in Oregon, and Sean didn't want to pass up a chance of seeing him when he's so close!  So we made the trek out to BFE, unfortunately it was pouring rain...and there was a 3+hour rain delay.  Eventually they played, and Kelly's team ended up crushing them!

 Killing time out in the car...

College football...brings back lots of memories.  It was no BYU, but it was still fun to see all the them play, and more importantly Kelly's team win. :)

 In October we celebrated Lexi's birthdaay! Kylie and I treated her to her choice of dinner, Olive Garden.  Soup, salad, and breadsticks...who could turn that down?!  It was so nice to be out with just the three of us girls.  Happy Birthday Lexi, we love you!

 After dinner, we hit up Target...and these onesies looked too tempting not to try on.  I think we all look pretty good in them.  Thoughts?

 A bunny, a monkey, and a zebra...meant to be friends!

Kylie was so comfortable in her new fluffy onesie she decided to take a nap in our family sized dressing room.  Can you blame her?  
 It was such a fun night out with these girls, loved every minute of it!

Fall in Texas is glorious.  It's always the perfect weather.  We got plenty of use out of our back patio with plenty of grilling and good eating.

 We had some secret admirers stop by :)

 After all the complaints about how bad FL2 tastes, I finally tried it for myself.  I knew it all along...patients are just a bunch of whiners.  Not bad at all, seriously...

 First fire of the season (aka the first time it got below 60 degrees).

 Bonfire at Gerret and Sarah's house.

Speaking of Gerret and Sarah, their crazy little Connor turned 3 this fall.  It's so crazy how fast time flies.  I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  Sean and I unfortunately had to miss his birthday party because of work, but I came by right after I got off to give him his present from Uncle Sean and Aunt Becky.  We love this little boy.

 We went out to Evan's parents' land/bouse for some pumpkin carving! We always love a good trip out to the bouse (barn/house)!

We ended up missing a lot of our trick-or-treaters, but we got the cutest one!  Sean got lucky this year, and I was out of town for our ward Halloween party, so he didn't have to dress up this year.  Sean loves dressing up for Halloween...

Our leaves in our front yard starting to change!  I love fall in Texas (mostly because it's 70 degrees and not freezing like in Chicago).

 My good friend, Holly is pregnant too! It's her third boy, so she wouldn't let us throw her a baby shower...but that doesn't mean we couldn't take our friend for a night out on the town!  We went to Melting Pot...I've never been there before, and it's delicious! 

 Thanks to all these ladies for making Holly's special night fun!

It wouldn't be a fun night without pranking one of our friends...

 Lindsay and Evan had their sweet baby boy, Carter a few weeks earlier.  We went to see them in the hospital, and they were all doing great.  He's adorable, and the family of four is home now safe and sound.  Jensen and Carter are pretty close in age, and it's been fun to see them become friends together.  Congrats Lindsay and Evan!

I've been working with one of my best friends, Paige for the last few years.  When our boss sold his practice in November, she decided to leave too.  To say I miss her terribly would be a huge understatement.  I love you Paigey!

Last but not least, I got a new car!  I traded in my IS 250 for a RX350.  I just couldn't stay away from that crossover.  I do miss my little car every now and then, but it's so nice to have extra room.

We had a great fall together!  These are some of the fun things we did together, and I have a few more posts to go. Even though we're crazy busy, we're both really happy.
  Stay tuned for more of our fall adventures.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nikki's surprise shower!

One of my best friends, Nikki moved away this past summer.  It was super depressing, and it makes me hate Utah a little bit more...but I guess I'll survive SOMEHOW.  She is pregnant with her first little girl which is super exciting!  Her husband, Ben and some of our close friends decided to fly her back home to Texas for a weekend, and throw her a surprise baby shower! I think she may have suspected it a little bit...but at least she put on a good surprised face for us.  I love a good surprise!

 Some of pretty decor and food!

 Everything was delicious, we had a lot of helpers!

 Nikki LOVES everything mason jar related, so we thought we would tie a little pink into it!  I am obsessed with these straws!

Seriously, so cute.

 Some yummy treats

 Jennifer made this cute diaper cake.

 Look at the adorable goodie bags that Holly put together.

 My friends are really domestic!

I thought it all came together nicely. :)
We played some games..

Opened some presents...

 ...and then took some pictures...

Funny ones=best ones. :)

 Nikki brought her sweet Mom with her, Carmel.  I was the lucky one who got to keep them at my house with me.  The more Nikki time, the better! The next day we planned a few of Nikki's favorite things.  We started out the morning with pedicures at our favorite nail salon, Picasso Nails.

After lunch and some shopping, we ended the night with a scary movie (all of us were terrified, and spent half of the movie hiding in our seats) and went back to our favorite late night spot, Chili's.  We ate endless amounts of queso and Diet Coke until we were completely stuffed!

The next morning we all played hookie from chuch, and went to breakfast at Le Peep, delicious!  Before we all got depressed and said goodbyes, we headed over to Holly's to wax eyebrows.

Look at how red Nikki's eyebrows are!  She said they always get like that when she's prego, but it was too funny not to take a picture of!

The weekend of Nikki had come to an end.  We were all pretty depressed when she had to leave again.  We all miss her so much, but are grateful we got to shower her and her future princess with some gifts and a fun weekend to boot!  Thanks to everyone that helped and made the weekend a success! :)

 Love these girls.

 This is why we are friends...miss you Nikki!