Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chelse and Ryley in Texas

 In November we had some of my favorite people come to visit us in Texas!  For some reason, American Airlines was having an AMAZING deal on tickets to and from SLC and DFW.  As soon as I saw how cheap tickets were, the first person I texted was Chelse.  We've been talking about having them come out to visit us for years, but the tickets are always so expensive!  I was so excited Chelse and Ryley made the trip to come and visit us, we absolutely loved having them here.

Chelse's birthday was just a few days before they came out to Texas, so Ryley and I arranged to have a little birthday cake for when they flew in.  Oh, Chelse is pregnant with the first baby!!!  So, of course I had to get something for the new baby. :)

Here's our tribute to Chelse's 28th birthday!

We had a little time to kill between lunch and our evening plans, so I had Choltz and Ryley help me pick out some Christmas presents for Sean.  We had to take a stop at Brookstone, who doesn't love this store?!  

 Haha, no words...

 I could have sat there for hours...

 Unfortunately Sean had class the weekend that they came, which was a total bummer.  It was really the only time it worked out for all four of us.  So, we made the best of it and met up with Sean at the Mav's game.

I usually refuse to seat hop, but luckily for Sean I got outvoted this time.  He always wants to move down to better seats, and it gives me serious anxiety.  These were our old seats, clearly the next ones are a little better...

Coincidently, the Mavericks were playing the Jazz.  The Mavs may or may not have won.... :)

Sean was a little tired that night, and he was acting pretty delirious after we got home.  I had to document how ridiculous he looked.  Sorry Sean, some pictures are just too funny not to take. 

 That weekend was the 50 year anniversary of the President JFK shooting in Dallas.  They have a museum downtown, so we thought we would check it out on Saturday.  I was so mad that the weather was bad!  The weather is always so warm here in November, and is always freezing in Utah.  The day before they flew in it was 70 degrees here!  We got a cold front and a bunch of rain the entire time they were in Texas.  Boo...I was so sad, I really wanted them to have a taste of the glorious warm weather here!  Lame.

 These are some pictures of the grounds around the JFK memorial. 

 Choltzie and me at Dealy Plaza.

 There were tons of people there, I didn't think we were going to have to wait as long as we did to get in the museum.  People flew in from all over just to be there, crazy.

 "The grassy knoll" where one of the conspiracy theories claims the shooter came from.

Another conspiracy theory claims this is where the shooter was sitting, up in the window looking down on the street. 

I thought the JFK museum was really cool.  Apparently I didn't pay attention as much as I should have in U.S. History, because there were a lot of things I didn't know.  It took a little while to get through the museum, but it was super educational.

A pretty shot of Dallas, Texas!

We made it to the end!

After the musuem, we met up with Sean in Plano to go to Studio Movie Grill.  Everyone has raved about it since we moved here, so we thought we would try it out.  Catching Fire came out that weekend, so we saw that.  It's a cool concept...they feed you dinner while you sit down and watch a movie, but honestly I think it was a little overrated.  I may have felt differently about it if our waiter hadn't completely forgotten about us, and we didn't get our food until everyone else in the theater had finished eating. But I threw a "mini fit" and got both ours and Chelse and Ryley's meals comped.  So, I felt pretty good about it in the end!  Free dinner is free dinner, people.

Ryley drove back to the house with Sean, and they had a surprise waiting for us when we got there.  RACHEL!!!  We were so surprised!  She said she was super jealous that we were all hanging out, but luckily she's a flight attendant now, so that means jumping on a plane to spend a few hours with some of your besties!  It was so amazing of her to come and hang out with us.  We stayed up until 4 am...or later, who really knows...and talked until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. 

Ugh, I HATE goodbyes, they're the worst.  Mostly with these girls, we never know when the next time that we'll all be together again.  I think it was almost two years ago that we took our girl's trip to South Beach...sad times.  Thanks for coming Rach!

I am so happy that Chelse and Ryley made the effort to come see us.  Seriously guys, we love you.  Thanks for always being such amazing friends!  It makes me wish we lived by you so so much!  I get to see Chelse in a few weeks for the day while I'm in Utah on a ski trip with my brothers, and I cannot wait to see that cute baby mama!  Thanks for coming guys, we love you!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Janene's twin baby shower!

Brittany and I threw Janene's twins an owl themed baby shower!  Even though I don't have kids yet, I feel like I'm getting better at this baby shower thing. :)  It was a lot of fun, and we were both happy to shower this soon-to-be mommy of 3!

The pretty food table

We did half of the table in blue, half in pink!  It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out great.

Some of the blue side, complete with blue gumballs, popcorn, chocolate dipped pretzels, cupcakes, and of course some blue delicious drink. 

The pink side, who doesn't love cotton candy?

We had to get some veggies in there, you off set all the cotton candy and gumballs.

"E" for Ethan and "C" for Charlotte. Brittany did a great job with these.

Janene requested mainly diapers, so we made it into more of a "diaper bash" instead of a traditional baby shower.  I can't even imagine how many diapers they're going to go through with twins!

Owl cupcake galore!

We had some fabulous help once guests started to arrive!

Aunt Elaine was nice enough to let us have the shower at her house.  Aunt Marlys joined in on the fun too, look at those twinkies!

Scarlet and Kylie came too!

Cousin picture!  Scarlet, myself, Janene, Lexi, Kylie, and Brittany.

Brittany and I made a "wishing tree".  On the back of the little owls, we had people write down their well wishes for Janene and her little twins.

Look at her perfect little bump!

Some of the other dental school Moms came out to the shower too.

We did a cookie bar too, delicious!

Time for "Baby Jeopardy"!  I found this cute game online, mimicked after the original jeaopardy with all baby questions.  Topics included; diaper bag items, celebrity moms, movies with word "baby" in it, nusury rhymes, meaning of names, and animal mommies.  It ended up being a big hit!

My trusty score keeper, Brittany.

We had a few people bring gifts that weren't diapers, so we all gushed while Janene opened them.

Some of the party guests...

 Kylie and Lexi, love these girls!  Lexi, your shower is next!

 Finally got a pic alone with the guest of honor!

 Some of Janene's loot and diapers she got from the shower!

Our cute goodie bags that we made, look at the sweet poem that Brittany found.  So sweet!

We had to get a picture with our cute owl banner that my amazing/super domestic friend Holly help me make!

Tasting some of the yummy drinks with our cute straws.

Love this girl!

Congrats Janene!  We're so happy for you!