Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We're going to Europe!

 Surprise, surprise...I suck at blogging.  SO MUCH has happened in the last few months, and I definitely need to catch up, but instead I'll procrastinate some more, because I am so excited!  I just finalized the plans for our 5 year anniversary trip.  We're going on a Mediterranean cruise in April!!!  Sean has never been to Europe, and since I'm determined to culture this boy, we're going for our anniversary!!!  We love cruising, and have had numerous recommendations for Mediterranean cruises, so we figured we would sail around Europe!  I booked the cruise back in September, but it seems a lot more final after getting all the flights booked (easier said than done).  We are so freaking excited!!!

We leave the day before our anniversary, have a layover in NYC to see one of my besties Rachel, and get to Rome, Italy the next morning.  We'll be spending a few days in Rome before the cruise leaves, so if anyone has any suggestions in addition to the main tourist attractions, I would love to hear them!

After we leave Rome we have an exciting itinerary: 

Sicily, Italy

Athens, Greece

Ephesus, Turkey 

Crete, Greece

We went back and forth about what destinations to go to.  Each cruise seemed to hit a lot of the places we wanted to see, but then left one or two out.  This cruise left out Venice and Madrid, which Sean has always wanted to go to.  (I mean, who doesn't dream of riding in a gondola?)  After picking this particular cruise, we decided to take a train down to Venice, Italy...spend a few days there...

...and then fly to Madrid, Spain...spend a day there...

...and then fly back to Dallas.  We are going to have jet lag up the ying-yang, but it will be so worth it!  Who knows when we'll be able to spend two weeks crusing/flying/riding all over Europe again?!  I want to hear all the suggestions from all our international traveling friends and family!!

I am so excited about this trip, I can barely stand it.  I can't believe we will be married for 5 years in April.  It's crazy how fast time flies.