Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Messed up

I'm so furious right now, I don't even know what to do with myself.  So I'll blog, and pretend like someone is listening! 

My older brother John is getting married in a few weeks, and I just found out my brother David (the one 13 months younger than me) isn't coming.  John asked him to be one of the groomsmen in his wedding, and he said no--that he wasn't coming.  He said that he's been a "bad brother", whatever that means.  Who cares?!  It's his wedding! And just for the record, he isn't a bad brother.

I texted him tonight to see if it was really true, and it really, so sad.  He said, "Why would I want to?" and "...even if I had the time off of work why would I wanna spend money on a plane ticket for HIM?" I told him it didn't matter if he was a "bad brother", he's still our brother and it would mean a lot to everyone if he was there.  He replied, "Not for him. Whatever." UNBELIEVABLE.  Why is my family so messed up?

John is the only one of my brothers who has cleaned up his act, gone on a mission, and is going to be married in the temple.  If anything he's a good example to my younger three brothers, and they should be quick to follow him.  But no, instead this is what happens.

I told Dave if Dad were still here, I'm sure that he would want him to be there too.  His reply, "nice try."  How am I related to these people?  Obviously not everyone is always the perfect sibling, but they're still family, and you should be there for your family.  It's bad enough my Dad won't be there, and now this.  How unbelievably selfish can one person be?  I can't even imagine how my Mom feels.

Speaking of my Dad...
As soon as I opened their announcement I burst into tears.  I didn't even think about what the invitation would say.  I didn't stop crying for hours.  I knew he wasn't going to be there all along, but somehow it hurts a little more seeing it on paper.  

At this point I feel like a mad, disappointed, and sad big sister.  This is not the person my parents raised.  Who is this selfish person also known as my brother?  Unbelievable.

Friday, February 24, 2012

House update

As usual, I'm behind in my blogging.  So for those of you who are on Facebook, sorry these are a little outdated.  The house has been going up so fast, it's hard to keep up!
One Sunday we went after church to go see the house, and this is what we found outside--bricks!

                                              Then, we went inside and saw...drywall!!
....and even started to put some up!

The Lexus looks good in our garage.  That's right, we have a garage!!
Later that week we stopped by, and they had started bricking.

A few days later we came back to do our 'frame walk through', and they were starting to put in the insulation.  Don't mind our construction manager, Robby. :)

It was SO WEIRD coming a few days later, we actually had walls!

More walls!  Sean checking out our family room!
Master bedroom
Master closet!!!
                                                    Sean's pride and joy--the fireplace.
Front entrace.  It's weird, it almost looks smaller now that there are walls.

A few days later we took Mike and Kylie to see the house.  They were in the middle of bricking...and of course it was at night.  Needless to say we got our shoes pretty dirty.  (Sorry guys)
A few days later they started rounding the edges of all of the walls.  (I'm sure this has a super technical term, but I just clean teeth people) :)

...more rounding of the edges...

We came to see the house and some of the construction workers were still there bricking...just a little awkward.
Our non-spray painted, legit address! 

They started to texturize the walls
Yes, favorite part!  The master closet.
                                                      The family room all texturized

Entrance into the study
Updated look at the 'art nook'
Then they started painting, and adding more finishes.  (Formal dining room)
Updated look of the pantry
Cabinets!  Tile!

I was surprised to see the construction workers this time, because we went at night.  Oh, but they were there...and still there was awkwardness!
Updated brick work
                                                                Cabinets in the master
More tile in the bathroom
I took my good friend Paige to see the house.  She likes the bay windows in the master bedroom too!

Updated kitchen and close up of kitchen tile
Painted and tiled front entry

I know I already posted these pics of Sarah and Rachel, but I just love them! 
Updated exterior
This trip to see the house was one of the most exciting yet.  I LOVE our maple cabinets and granite.  (I better, because it's only costing us our life savings!) They are beautiful, I seriously am in love with them!

I know it's kind of hard to see the granite color because they covered it with the blue protective tape, but trust me, it's gorgeous!  It's called 'Santa Cecilia', and it's my favorite!

More finishes, and Sean inspecting his love.
Updated look at the entrance to the back patio.
Master shower.  We decided to upgrade to the colored tile in the shower and around the tub, and I'm so glad we did.  I think it looks great.
Can you hear that noise? It's the sound of angels singing, just look at those double sinks!!!

Sorry for the ghetto looking garden tub shot.

Extra storage cabinets in the master bathroom.  Clearly a woman designs Horizon/Highland homes.  We all know you can never have too much storage in the bathroom.
We have running water!

So maybe THIS is Sean's favorite part of the house, master toilet closet.

Windows above the tub in the master bathroom.  What will it be like to have windows in the bathroom?

Finished covered back patio
Updated view of kitchen from the family room.
French doors on the study.
Updated guest bathroom

More 2nd bathroom

Most recent view of kitchen looking into the family room.

We have an attic!  I've been looking forward to storage for YEARS.
Most recent view of door/elevation.
Most recent view of tiled front entry.

Sorry there were so many pictures!  Clearly, I was further behind than I thought.  The house is almost finished, haha.  I'll try to be a little bit better.  Thanks for all the congrats and sweet comments.  We're so excited to move in and be apartment free forever!