Wednesday, April 18, 2012

California Love.

By now everyone knows we're building a house (some of you might wonder if we are ever going to close).  In the fall when we started house hunting we decided we wouldn't travel for at least six months so we could save up more money for our house.  Hah!  Little did we know THREE of our siblings would get engaged, and get married in that six month period.  It wasn't a surprise when it was one of Sean's siblings, (I feel like we're always going out to Cali for weddings), but it was the first wedding for my family.  We should have known that we couldn't go six months without traveling.  The traveling gods hate us too much for that! :)

We went to California in December for Alisha's, Las Vegas in March for John's, and last but definitely not least we went to Michelle's wedding in Cali last weekend.  Seriously people?!  We need a break!  Even though it was really nice to be at all three weddings, I hope our families realize what a huge sacrifice it is for us to come to them.  We don't live close to any of our immediate family, and we always have to spend a good deal of time and money to attend these special gatherings. 

We're so happy for our brothers and sisters decision to get married in the temple, and we always want to love and support you.  Xoxo.

Carlsbad, beautiful as usual.
What do you do in California?  Go to the beach, always!

What's a beach picture without some random surfers in the background?
I've never been to the L.A. Temple, and I really wanted to see it.  So Sean and I made a fun day out of seeing Los Angeles.

The temple was HUGE!

As expected, the L.A. Temple was beautiful.
Then Sean showed me around Hollywood...
I loved how all the streets were lined with palm trees.
Then we went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
 For those of you who know the WBD drama, this picture is really funny.

Sean loves the Beatles.
The entire time we were looking at all the stars, I was really looking for Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.  They're my two favorite actresses.  We had gone down the entire first side and were nearing the end of the second when I saw this!  And Reese's star was right next to hers!  It's embarrassing how excited I was, not my finest moment.

Seriously, I <3 her. 
Then we headed off to Beverly Hills.  Seriously, if money weren't an issue I would DEFINITELY live there.  It was amazing, I loved it.  So, so pretty.
Of course we had to check out Rodeo drive.  No Kardashians spotted. 
I was the one excited to go to Rodeo drive, but Sean is the one who spotted a celeb. Sean keeps denying this story, but this really is what happened.
We were on our way to go get something to eat and all the sudden Sean mutters something and bolts into a store. I was wondering what in the world he was doing, because he hates shopping, and these stores clearly weren't in our price range. So, of course I followed him into the store. Next thing I know Sean is talking to this ridiculously tall black guy, asking his friend to get out of the picture, and shoving his phone in my hand demanding that I take a picture. It was the weirdest thing ever. He was acting like a little kid in a candy store, it was hilarious. While I'm about to take a picture Sean says, "Becky, do you even know who this is? I of course said no." Sean just scoffs and the guy just shrugged his shoulders, I took the picture, Sean thanked him, and we left. So.freaking.weird. Haha! Apparently it is DeAndre Jordan, he plays for the Clippers.
 My fantasy shopping.
Eating lunch at a cute little cafe off Rodeo Drive.
And my favorite destination of our excursion, the Santa Monica Pier!

We obviously had a full day, and didn't have time to ride the roller-coaster, so we took a spin on the ferris wheel.

Some pictures from the top.
 I really wish that we had more time there, it was a lot of fun.

 I was surprised how much nicer the beaches were in L.A. compared to Carlsbad.  They were amazing!

Next time!  We'll be back!
Wedding day!  Kylie was the photographer!  It was fun to have her there, it was nice to have a friend.

Waiting for the newlyweds!
We brought Texas to Cali!
They did it!  Yay for Michelle and Austin!
So cute.
Our family.  Missed you Nate, T, kids, and Phil!
My cute sister-in-law, Hailey.

Always keepers.  Love P.J.'s face!
The girls!

Sean and his siblings.
Sean's kid brother, Adam.
Getting a little restless at the temple...

Love the San Diego Temple.
Reception time!  Our cousin Steph came down for the party!
Steve and Stephanie's little boy, Parker is seriously ADORABLE.
Michelle and Austin's first dance.

It's always fun to see Matt, Annie, and their cute kids when we're in Carlsbad!

We ended the night with some fun pics in the photo-booth at the reception, such a cute idea.

Here are some cute pics from my phone that I thought should be included in the trip...
 Delicious oranges from Sean's parents orange tree.

We love taking a trip to the Rainbow Shack in San Clemente and stocking up on our favorite flip flops.  We even converted Daniel to Rainbows.  (Those are his size 14's next to mine.)
Another photo booth pic.
 More Santa Monica Pier
 Oh California, we love you!

We're so glad we were able to make it to Michelle and Austin's special day, and we missed everyone that couldn't be there.  Until the next time California (or the next wedding).  :)