Friday, October 26, 2012

Plano Balloon Festival

A few weeks ago we went with Gerret, Sarah, Nikki, Ben, and kiddos to the Plano Balloon Festival.  Ever since we've moved here we have wanted to go, and I'm so glad we did!  They basically have all these huge air balloons on display, fly them during the day,  and light them up at night.  I could see them on my drive to work each day during the festival.  It was pretty sweet!

 Austin liked the balloons, can you tell?

Gerret and Connor

Nikki let me have some of the sweet pics that she took.  I'm sure you can tell the difference between her amazing camera and mine.

 So cool!
Logan is so freaking cute!

Logan and Connor enjoying the fun.

The girls!

The cute little Montgomery family

At night they shot off some fireworks, the kids loved it!

Haha, I love this picture!  They were lighting up the balloons and Connor was entranced.  

Lighting up the hot air balloons.

We left the boys with the kiddos while we went to find some delicious (fattening) festival food. good!

They're twinkies!

How cute is Austin?

Lovin' on Logan!

Logan busting his moves out to some music.  So freaking cute.

 Connor loving his snow cone, love his face!

Thanks for letting me steal some of your pics Nikki, love this one!

I'm so glad we went!  Sean is never super excited about events where he has to walk around the entire time (super flat feet), but he took one for the team and we had a great time with our friends!