Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sarah's birthday was back in February, and we had a fun time celebrating.  The girls and I surprised her with a trip to Spa Castle!  What better way to spend your birthday other then relaxing at a spa all day?!  Sarah and I fell in love the first time that we went, and so I didn't think she would mind going again. :)  

Gerret said he was going to take her some restaurant down in Dallas, and then brought her to us!  I love a good surprise...
I wish you could see her face as she was walking inside...she had the biggest grin on her face!

One of my favorite Sarah faces!  She was just a little surprised to see Holly, Nikki, and I waiting for her inside!

Why oh why was I taking all these blurry shots and NOT taking a video?!  I guess I was a little excited too!

Sporting our sweet Spa Castle (mandatory) uniforms...except for in the nude room of course. was traumatizing just to walk by.  Seriously, why are naked people so distracting?!  It's like a bad car accident, you just can't look away!

Just eating some lunch in the pool...

Hot tub, poppin' bubbly...

Just relaxing in the one of the hot saunas...

Nikki hates being hot, so we found her napping under the red light!

We decided to go back into the HOT hot tub while Sarah was finishing up her massage.

On her actual bday, Sean and I went over and had some cake and ice cream with Sarah's parents and a few friends.

 Sean and I got Sarah an electric toothbrush.  I know what you're thinking, what a lame hygienist gift...but she actually has really wanted one for months!  It was meant to be thoughtful!

Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby blessings

A couple of our good friends blessed their babies recently, and I wanted to make sure and document it!  Kylie and Mike's second baby, Madison was blessed in February.  She is cute as a button!  And yes...if you were wondering, everyone IS making fun of me in this picture... :)

I can't believe Preston is already 2 years old!  It seems like just yesterday, Kylie and I were laying out by the pool and she was pregnant with him!

What a good looking group!

A few weeks ago our good friends, Mark and Cori blessed their baby Andi.  We're so lucky to live so close to them, but now they're in the "cool kids baby club" too. :)

Look how cute Andi is!

 I remember the first time I met Mark, he and Sean were fresh of the mission.  We were all the in the same ward together, I guess there really ARE good things that come from Rexburg!  It's crazy to think how long ago that really was, and how much has changed.  

Loving on some Andi. :)

We're so grateful for our amazing friends and family, and feel so blessed to be apart of their special days.  We love you guys so much!  Thanks for putting up with us, and loving us back.  Life truly wouldn't be the same without you.  Xoxo!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sean's 28th Bday Party!

Sean turned 28 back in March, holy cow...he's old.  At 27, he was convinced he was still in his mid twenties...but now there's no way around it, he's DEFINITELY in his late twenties.  Yikes.  I promised him I wouldn't "make a big deal" of his this is my attempt at having a "low key birthday".  I decided instead of having ALL of our friends and family over, we would just have family over (and yes, Gerret and Sarah are considered family).  Here's some pics of the fun night, enjoy!

Jordan, Lexi, and Janene fraternizing...

 Sweet little Savannah, Aaron and Janene's little girl.  Yes, I know...she keeps getting cuter!

Sean and Ger bear, Connor was sick so Sarah couldn't come. :(

Uncle Del and Kathryn couldn't come, so loyal Aunt Marlys came solo...and came bearing gifts.  They have a hard core garden at their new house, and are trying to get us started!  I love all these pics of them together, I couldn't even choose which ones to I just went with all of them!  

We don't call her our Texas Mama for nothing!  Seriously though...we love her.

Thank you Jordan for marrying such a cool girl!  We love you Lexi, and so glad you're in our crazy family!!!

Savannah was the belle of the ball!

Sean's twinkie, Jordan.

I'm pretty sure I told Aaron and Janene the wrong time, so they came a few minutes before everyone else, and I'm so glad they did!  It was fun to have a few minutes with just us!

The girls!

Cake time!!!

 If you're wondering if that is a dinosaur cake for my 28 year old husband (that he picked out all by himself), then are correct.

A picture of the beauty...

 Since Sean had already picked out his cake, and there weren't really any "surprises'' to his bday (boo), I had Sean pick up his cake at Costco.  Sean said while he was in line waiting to pay for his cake, some older ladies behind him said, "Oh look at how cute that cake is...wait, does that say 'Happy 28th Birthday'?!"  Hahahaha!  Yes...yes it does.

A few days after Sean's birthday, is our nephew Owen's bday.  While we were skyping with him later that day, he told us all about HIS dinosaur birthday cake. It's pretty cool that a 5 year old and a 28 year old had the same cake, huh?  :)

 Happy Birthday Owen, we love you!  March is a good month for the Packard family!

Aunt Elaine, Uncle Mark, and Kayla came too!  It's always a party when they arrive. :)

Some more of the party people...

It wouldn't be a Packard get-together without some games!'s just not fair to all the other girls, she's so stinkin'cute!

Thank you everyone who came and helped us celebrate Sean's birthday!!!  Even though I may like the parties more than Sean does...he's still a good sport.  Of course after all the birthday festivities he busted out the rock-band, it was HIS birthday after all.  I'm so grateful for the family we have here in Texas, they make every party a blast.  Happy Birthday Shawnda, and many more!