Saturday, October 26, 2013


Sean and I got hooked up with some free concert tickets to see Beyonce this summer!  I think this is the first concert we've been to as a couple!  Apparently we just don't go to concerts as much as we should.  One of our friends gave us some free tickets, free VIP parking, and the start to a fun night!

Finally got to put some good use to my cute wristlet Paige gave me for my birthday!

 These types of things don't happen very often, and definitely not for I feel like they need to be documented! VIP!

Waiting paitently for Queen B herself...


Oh. my. gosh.  She was amazing!

She was definitely one of the best performers I've ever seen live.  She put on a great show, and had some awesome dancers and performers too.  Sasha Fierce baby!

Beyonce flying across the stage!

Work it girl!

"Single Ladies"
This was by far one of the best songs she performed.
A clip of some of her moves!

 All of the dancers and members of her band were females.  She seemed to be very proud of the fact  that there were only chicks on stage. Independent Women, Survior, Single Ladies, If I were a Boy, Grown Woman, To the Left...Possible feminist? 

We had such a fun night, it was so nice to get hooked up! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Summer recap!

 As always, summer came and went all too quickly.  Despite working like crazy, we managed to squeeze in some good times!  Here's a recap of some of the fun things we did throughout the summer.

Dr. Loftus took off for a few days, so Paige and I decided to take one of those days off and headed to Six Flags!  Sean hates rollercoasters, so it's always nice to go with a friend who loves them as much as I do. This is how all days off need to be spent!

We ended up going on a Wednesday, which was AWESOME because there were no lines!  I tried to  capture in this picture the lack of people that were there.  On some of the rides we would get off, and come right back up to the beginning of the line.  It was glorious.

 Paigey's favorite ride, BATMAN! 

Love this girl.

We were watching the weather like crazy that week!  It was supposed to rain, but we had already set apart that day ahead of time.  I had temp days booked the rest of our time off, so we put all of our  hopes on that day, and it worked out perfectly.  Literally, as soon as we got in our car it started down-pouring!  It was clearly meant to be! :)
Our good friends Lindsay and Evan's little boy, Jensen turned one this summer!  They had a cute little birthday party at the park in our subdivision.

This was seriously one of the cutest "first cake" showings I've ever seen.  Jensen used a fork the entire time he was eating his cake!  I've never seen a one year old dive into their first birthday cake with a fork before!  Hilarious.

 I got to spend a few weekends doing my favorite thing in life...laying by the pool.  It's so nice to have two pools in our subdivision that I can just walk to, I love it!

Of course pool time means Uncle Sean and Aunt Becky getting to terrorize the little kids.  Connor and Nathan seemed to like it though. :)

 In June we watched a few kids in our ward for the weekend.  This is the second time we've watched kids for people in the ward.  Two words: BIRTH CONTROL.

Good thing they were cute.

We did have some fun throughout the weekend...but I"m not going to lie, Sean and I were both more than ready to come home to our very quiet, toy free, clean house.

At the beginning of the summer I got some pretty flowers for our pots and back patio.  I love flowers! I love seeing them everyday when I come home, or when we are relaxing on the patio.  They are HUGE now!  I need to take a before and after picture!

 Sarah is amazing, and got me a facial for my birthday back in April.  We were both so busy and weren't able to redeem it until this summer.  Trust me, it was worth the wait!

 This is called the 'relaxation room'...I think you can see why...

Our adorable niece, Sidney turned 7 in June.  She was cracking us up while were skyping with her.  She just laid back, with her arms behind her head, and set her feet up like such a little grown up.  Stop getting bigger Sidney!  Of course, we got a cute glimpse of sweet little Taryn too!

 Sean and I love to entertain!  We had our good friends KC & Sterling and Lindsay & Evan over for a great meal.  It's always a good time when the six of us get together!

 Boom baby!

 We're good friends with Sean's boss and his wife, Scot and Holly.  Their little boy, Nathan turned 2 this summer and it was fun to celebrate with them too!

I cleaned Sean's teeth this summer, and shocker-he was a huge pansy.  This kid and dentistry have it made.  He has literally never, and will ever, have to pay for dentistry in his entire life.  His Uncle was his dentist growing up, his other Uncle was his orthodontist, my Dad was his dentist until he passed away, and now my boss works on him for free.  This kid is dentally spoiled!

Our cousins Janene and Aaron are having twins!  They threw the cutest gender reveal party ever!  They're having a boy and a girl, the perfect combo!  The babies will be here December 2013!  We can't wait to meet them, congrats guys!  We're so happy for you.

 Our cousins Spencer and Brittany blessed their adorable baby boy, Caden, that same weekend!  We were so happy we got to be a part of their special day.  Congrats Spencer and Brittany on your new baby boy!

This is what happens when I don't have patients, and Paige and I get bored...

One or two times this summer I convinced Sean to go to the pool with me.  He makes a pretty good lay out buddy...until he leaves me after an hour. Success! 

We did a few other things this summer, I have a few other posts about some of the big events going on in our lives.  I know people complain that it's hot here in the summer, but I seriously love it.  Honestly people, 90-95 degrees is my ideal temperature.  God was playing a joke on me when he had me grow up in Chicago, and go to college in Idaho and Utah.  I belong in the heat, and I love it!  We had a great summer, come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Camping gone wrong

The weekend after we got back from Utah, we had planned a camping trip with Jordan and Lexi.  The last time we all went camping together we agreed that one night just wasn't enough.  This time, we were going to stay TWO NIGHTS!  Lexi and I had everything planned out perfectly; meals, equipment, transportation, location, times, etc.  We were all excited to spend all weekend camping.  Lexi and Jordan has gotten off work in addition, just for this weekend. 

Rain ruins lives.  Just after we finished eating dinner the first evening (4 hours after we had arrived) it started pouring.   We were in the middle of dessert when we the torrential downpour came.  Seriously, so depressing. We hurried and covered everything, then we all packed into our tent.  Lexi (luckily) brought some cards, we tried to make the best of it!

After an hour or so of playing games, we all decided we were completely exhausted (aka...we're old married couples and we can't stay up that late) so we hit the hay and went to bed.  I literally thought we were going to die that night.  It was POURING outside.  I had never camped in rain like that before.  Our tent was blowing like crazy, and I swore that the lightening was going to strike our tent at any moment.  It was honestly a little terrifying.  My phone was in the truck, but apparently Uncle Del had texted all of us, telling us that the back door was open if we decided to leave.  Haha!  Even THEY were worried about us.

We checked the weather for the next day, and it looked like there was going to be another monsoon moving in.  So, we reluctantly packed up all of our stuff and cut our losses.  Sean had bought some fishing gear especially for this trip (kind of sad...he was really excited).  Before we left for home, we did a little fishing and had some of our lunch that we packed.  

Happy as a clam.

Apparently all of Jordan's shirts got soaked inside their tent, so he had to wear one of Lexi's.  Looks like a good fit to me! :)

Jordan and Sean were a little more amused throwing rocks and fishing, but it was still a pretty good time.

 Even though the camping trip ended up being a bust, we still had some fun while we were there.  Now that it's almost fall, it's time for camping weather again!  We all agreed we need to plan another two day trip.  Hopefully this next one goes better!