Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Summer 2014

As always, I'm playing catch up with our blog.  I'm only a good 6 months behind...yikes.  While going through our pictures it's fun to reflect upon the fun times we've had.  Sean and I had a great summer, here are some of our highlights.

We started off the summer with an amazing weekend trip to Aaron's grandparent's lake house in Houston.  It's crazy to think the last time we were there was 3 years ago, time flies!

Gerret and Sarah welcomed baby Emily.  
I've never seen Sean hog a baby as much as he loves on little Emily.  

Our close friends Sterling and KC welcomed baby Malcom! 
 He's is just the cutest little thing, check out all his hair!

We had multiple date nights with our amazing friends.  Even though neither of us live by our parents, our friends always make us feel like we are family.  We're so lucky to have such good friends!


Sean had a turbinectomy.  He's always had trouble with allergies, sinus problems, wheezing, and airflow.  They removed most of his enlarged turbinates, now he has 85% more airflow!  As always, it made for some pretty funny videos.  The nurse even said, "he's a cheap drunk".  :)

One of my best friends Nikki turned 28!  
We partied it up at the Melting Pot, and ate three times the amount of our daily calories.

 We were able to fly out to Seattle to see our precious niece Sidney get baptized.  It was a quick visit, but I'm so glad we were able to be a part of her special day.  Thanks for having us Nate and T!

Not every part of our summer was pure bliss.  A few hours before our flight left to Seattle, Sean lost his job.  It was very unexpected and sudden.  We had been planning our trip to Seattle for months, and we tried to not let it ruin our weekend with that we had been looking forward to for so long. Luckily, Sean and I have listened to the counsel we've been given to be prepared.  I've never been so grateful for savings and smart money habits, it was truly a blessing.  Neither of us have been through a job loss before, and it was hard on both of us.  Thankfully Sean is smart, hard working, educated, and was able to find something in less than two months.  I'm so grateful for him and all he does for our family.

Aimee and Noah bought a beautiful new boat and we spent a weekend of fun on it!

We had some visitors!
 My favorite Rae-hoe came to visit!

Sean's cousin Jake sold security systems in Texas this summer, so we got to see him!

 Jake's Texas presence also led to family get-togethers, which we love!

 Gerret and Sarah blessed sweet Emmy.

My bestie Paige invited us down to Louisiana to be with her sweet Cajun family for the 4th of July!  I've been hearing about Belle River for YEARS and I was so excited to partake of it's goodness.  By far, one of our best 4th of July's.  We had a blast!

We went to Chicago (my home) to visit for my Grandma Gin's 90th birthday party.  Luckily, it was in the summer, we don't do Chicago in the winter...

We had my 10th high school reunion while I was there (so crazy).  These are some of my favorites from my grade that I've been lucky enough to keep in contact with.

 I fufilled one of my dreams of becoming a professional dancer.  I made the Dallas Sidekicks dance team!  It's been such an amazing opportunity, and I've loved every minute of it.

Our amazing friend and cousin, Kylie took some family photos for us.  She did such an amazing job, and I am obsessed with them.  Thanks again Ky, we love you!

Last but not least, we wrapped up the summer by going to HAWAII!  It was the perfect ending to our amazing summer.

We had such a great summer, these are most of our highlights.  I'm going to try and blog more into detail about some of our big trips.  Sean and I are SO blessed, and we had such a fun summer together.  Summer 2014 was one of our best yet!