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Christmas in Cabo


This year marks our eighth Christmas together, eight?!  Every year when I ask Sean what he wants for Christmas he says the same thing. He doesn't want any presents, all he wants is to go on vacation to somewhere warm and lay on a beach.  I'm very traditional.  I like staying home, Christmas tree, wrapped presents, formal Christmas dinner...the works.  Seven out of the eight Christmases we've shared together that's exactly what we've done...this year, I gave in. 

This past year has been especially busy for the two of us.  A lot of new and exciting changes have happened.  We don't always get to spend very much time together, so we really treasure the moments that we do see each other.  It was about a week before Christmas, I asked Sean AGAIN what he wanted...same answer.  In very uncharacteristic fashion for me, and gave and said let's do it.  I told Sean if it was going to happen that he was going to have to take care of everything. 

Typically when we go on vacations, I take the reins in planning (mostly because I'm a control freak, but also because I'm extremely type A).  I have a hard time functioning if there's not a plan.  I need to know where we're going, when we're going, how we're going to get there, how much it's going to get the idea.  Most of the time it ends up stressing me out, and Sean gets to deal with the repercussions (sorry Sean).  If Sean had it his way, every vacation we wouldn't have any plans, we would just "figure it out when we get there".  An expression that makes me anxious and sick to my stomach all at the same time.  The direct translation in my mind is=nightmare.

If this last minute vacation was going to happen, it was going to truly be a Christmas miracle in my eyes.  I am actively trying to be more laid back and passive, trying this whole "simplify" expression that I've heard a time or two.  I told Sean he was going to have to take care of everything if this is really what he wanted to do this for Christmas.  Well people, I'm here to say that miracles really do happen...I didn't plan out one thing, and Sean took care of everything.  The biggest miracle of it all, was that I was surprisingly okay with it. He booked the flights (which were shockingly not very expensive for being so last minute and to such a great destination), found a hotel a few blocks from the beach, got us an "adorable" car, and found us food every single day.  Seriously, we didn't even starve, imagine that.  It was different than other vacations we've taken.  We didn't have a long itinerary of must see and dos, we didn't have a timeline of having to be anywhere, at anytime.  We just did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted...and it was kind of amazing. 

Travel essentials. Passport, goldfish, and the new Justin Bieber CD. Since we were going on the trip, Sean and I decided we weren't getting each other physical presents.  Then he got me the new Justin Bieber CD. What can I say?  I'm a Belieber.
We got a nice surprise!  We got priority access, and for the first time we are Gold members due to all our frequent flying.  It must be the Africa trip that put us over the top, it's nice to be rewarded! 

The view outside of our window flying into Cabo!
It doesn't matter what airport you go to in what country.  Customs always sucks, and it's kind of miserable. 

I'm a sucker for animals made out of towels, reminds me of our cruising days!

The first of MANY taco dinners.  I was so hitchy by the time we landed, got to our hotel, and found some ghetto Mexican food.  And it was ghetto, but also delicious. 

We finally made it to the beach!
Everything was BEAUTIFUL!  The water, the sand, the rocks, the mountains...I loved it all.

Our second night we had dinner on the beach, and it was amazing!  One of best meals (and weirdly the cheapest) we had our entire trip.  Everything was delicious!

iPhones never do moon pictures justice.  The moon was amazing that night!  It lit up the entire beach, best night ever!

No, but was delicious.  I could eat tacos everyday...if it wouldn't make me obesese.  

Still can't get over that crazy moon!

The next day we decided to do some exploring and find another beach.  This was by far my favorite beach.  It was a lot more secluded than the beach we went to the first day.  We didn't have any random locals trying to sell us souvenirs on the beach, and there were just a lot less people there in general. 
Ahhhhhh!  Take me back!

Merry Christmas!!!

Our view on Christmas morning...

Okay fine, Sean was right...this was the best Christmas ever!!!

Sean loves exploring...

Sean urchins!!!

He's so cute.

I love Cabo!

Pretty beach art
Christmas day it was a little tricky finding food...which I never even really thought about until it was too late.  But by Christmas evening most restaurants were open.  All weekend we had been eyeing this cute little outdoor restaurant as we walked to the beach.  I'm obsessed with outdoor eating and pretty night lights, and this had it all!  Oh, and the food was pretty good too. :)

Fresh seafood all the time!!!

If this isn't happiness, I don't know what is...

 I look straight up ghetto in this picture, but I don't even care. 
We were loving life doing absolutely nothing together. 
Sean loves everything involving jet skiis.  Anytime we get the chance on a vacation, we try and take advantage of it.  One of Sean's favorite things to do (whether he admits it or not) is to speak English to people that obviously speak Spanish.  He'll begin the conversation in English, and typically half way through the conversation he'll bust out his Spanish.  This transaction was no exception.  We were CLEARLY tourists, and trying to get a good deal on a jet ski ride.  We went from vendor to vendor until we came upon this Mexican gentleman.  As usual, Sean began speaking in English inquiring about the price.  As the owner of the jet ski started speaking to his "business partner" about the price, Sean asked, in Spanish, why he just told him a different price than he had just told us.  His face was priceless. How could this 'gringo' understand him?!  Haha!  Long story short, we got a good deal on the price...and shocked yet another Hispanic fellow with Sean's sneaky Spanish skills. :)
As always, it was a blast!  The water was a little choppy, but it was still a lot of fun.
 Let's do this!!! 

We had so much fun on the jet ski!  We brought the GoPro along for some fun!


On our last beach day, we got massages on the beach.  So you could say that we got a glimpse of what heaven will be like...

We were running low on cash, and the atm wasn't we ended up splitting an hour massage.  I've never wanted more cash in my life!  Let's be honest, I was prepared with the cash, and Sean literally had none.  What would he do without me?  Go massage-less...
He was forever grateful in this moment for my preparation...
Dinner on our last night in Mexico!  Noooooooooooooooo, I didn't want to leave!  We went to this Mexican/wanna be Italian restaurant.  Sean is definitely into positive online reviews, and this restaurant had some of the best.  For a small fortune you could get serenaded by the mariachi band, so instead we just listened as they sang to the tables next to us.
Per usual, I got FRESH seafood, oh...and some steak on the side.  A little steak on the side never hurt anyone... :)
The restaurant was right on the marina.  I love being out of the water.  This was our dinner view.
Who doesn't love a Mexican souvenir?!  We just had to get something!
GO STARS!!!  I was dying laughing when we found this all the way in Mexico! 

Not all wonderful trips end well. While we were gallivanting in Mexico, there were crazy tornadoes happening back in Dallas.  The weather was so bad that they cancelled our flight back Sunday morning.  I had everything planned out perfectly.  We had a Stars game Sunday night, and our flight was supposed to get in around noon.  Even if the flight was delayed, I had my game day bag ready to go in the car just in case we needed to head straight to the AAC.  When they cancelled our flight, they put us on the next one, and there was still a chance I might make it.  Well...long story short, I didn't make it, and I was devastated.  I've recently started skating more at games, which I love, and I was so upset I didn't get to skate, and let all my teammates down.  We were up all night with the American Airlines customer service, and what a joke that was.  I would be on hold for HOURS, and then finally get a representative only to get disconnected and have to start the entire process over again.  It was a miserable experience.  We were stuck in the airport all day, but eventually got home safely.  We had a wonderful time in Cabo, except for the whole getting home part.  I guess you can't win them all! 
Goodbye Cabo, I'll miss you!!!!!

I'm starting to really treasure all the moments Sean and I have together, because they are very rare.  I'm so grateful for him and all he does for me.  He has been so supportive of all my dreams, and I'm so lucky to have him.  I'm SO glad I listened to him and he planned this great trip for us.  It was amazing!  Christmas 2015, success!

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